Can I send my you firearm to work on?

YES,   We are FFL Licensed so you can ship us your frames, slides, lowers, mags and pretty much anything directly: The ATF has a provision for “Customization” and “Repair” work for individuals to send their firearms directly to an FFL as long as it is done through UPS or FEDEX ONLY! (NO US Postal Service!).

Can you do NFA or SBR engraving?


I’m a gun shop owner, do you do dealer discounts on your custom P Mags?

Yes, Contact us at or 9015091001 for bulk pricing and details.

Can you engrave on wood, glass or paper?

No, we only engrave on metals and most plastics.

Different chemicals used in the production of plastics are harmful and flammable when burned. For this reason we may not be able to engrave certain items. Please contact us so that you can find out if engraving is right for you.

Can you do colors?

We work with several Cerakoters that do great work and we can work with them to bring your project together.

Can you do milling work?

No, We can recommend machine shops that do great work.

Can you repair hand stippling work?

Sometimes, depending on how deep their stippling went through the frame we can usually fix it and make your frame great again.

Can you do custom designs?

Absolutely, my wife and I both have a background in design and have worked with several customers to bring their imagination to life.

How long will my project take?

Current turnaround time on most projects take between 10-14 business days.

What do I need to send with my firearm?

You can send us the item with a list of enclosed contents:

  • Include pertinent serial numbers if applicable.
  • Pre-Paid return label
  • Your Name, Phone Number and Email Address. (We may need to contact you if we have a question or to forward you invoices and receipts.)
  • Include a brief recap of work to be performed as a reminder (We will call if there is a need for clarification).
  • Also remember to call, text or email us the routing number

Can I send the whole weapon or just the piece your engraving?

You can absolutely send the whole weapon or you can send just the piece you want worked on, it’s up to you.

Can you do undercuts?

Yes, they start at $40

What kind of laser is it?

30 Watt Fiber Optic

Do you have a store I can visit?

Yes, We are based in Cordova, TN and are by appointment only. Contact us at (901) 509-1001 to set it up. We also are involved in several events throughout the year in surrounding areas, check our events page for dates and details.

How much does engraving run?

Starting Prices

  • Stipple jobs start at $130
  • Slide engraving $40 – $600
  • Pricing for slide work depends on size and depth
  • Lowers and NFA starts at $50
  • Custom projects not listed will be given a quote before work is started
  • Prices vary as to design, size and depth

Where do I send my item?

Contact us at 9015091001 or email us at to get started on your project.

Jobs sent without first contacting us or without sending the shipping number will be sent back to sender

What kind of file can I send you?

Please send JPG, JPEG, PNG or PLT. Please no Zip Or Rar compressed files.
The higher the definition, the easier it is to work with. We are not graphic designers but we can work with your artwork and depending on the quality there may be additional charges and longer turn around times.

NO pictures of people.

Think in Black and white! Eventually, all graphics will be converted to black and white (no Gray) so avoid blurry images or images with a lot of shading or poor contrasting colors / features.

Lasers do not engrave in color, again think Black And White! We can recommend several Cerakote businesses in our area that can assist in giving you the final touches, please let us know ahead of time if this is something you are interested in.

Also be realistic about size. Something with a great deal of detail engraved on an area the size of a stamp will not render well.

Rule of thumb is, find that graphic on google, shrink it down on your screen to the size it will be, if it is hard to recognize there, it will be hard to recognize on the finished product.

If you have any further questions or want to send us an item for engraving, please contact us at or call at 901-859-0000